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Correct decisions taken in time matters much in the life of all men . It saves you from repenting for the roads not taken. By the time you realize the mistake ,it is all over. The life of great performers in all walks of life prove this truth. What prevents men from taking timely decision? This is really a problem on which I have pondered over for long years of my professional career. People with great talent and ability often fail in trivial matters and I have come across several brilliant students spoiling their career taking unwise decisions on the spur of the movement or without much thought . Some times they may fail in finding the correct sources from where they can receive help to realize their plans or hopes. So I thought this is the area where I can render help in the field of my profession.

A career of two decades in teaching profession ,especially a decade of experience in the entrance coaching in Kottakkal itself , was really a revelation to me .Do the work I do need any improvement? Did I pursue the course on the lines of my own ideals and convictions? Could I lead the students through the correct path to their destinations? Answers to these question led to the shortcomings of the coaching institutions run on the traditional lines. They fall short of catering the specific needs of students aspiring for entrance in the renowned institutions where the bright students seek admission for brilliant careers. The entrance Examinations of great institutions like AIIMSand IIT calls for specific , high-end, and goal –oriented training which is still foreign to the regular coaching centres churning the monotony of conventional classes of a general variety. Realisation of this truth led me to bid farewell to the traditional method and and it culminated in the establishment of N.R.Academy. In the N.R.Academy , we focus on the upgradation of the capabilities of brilliant students to match the entrance standards of AIIMS and IIT. So I feel that I have taken the correct decision .

Now, it is high time that the students take the correct decision. Are they satisfied with the present day entrance coaching of aimlessness? Hitting at the core demands aiming sharp. Entrance coaching with specificity and Plan is a basic pre-requisite for success. So it is your choice that make all th difference. It is a win or lose battle and correct tatics and strategy decide the result.

I invite all the students with an aim and firm purpose to join us in our efforts to create results. Positive and correct thinking will help you a great deal in this regard.Analyseand arrive at the correct decision and our doors are open to those who take the apt decision . It is our responsibility to see that the hopes of the students who rely on us are fulfilled.So, Welcome to N.R.Academy

Yours truly