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    Discipline is a part of planning and without planning no one is able to fulfill the set goals. Hence it is necessary that all students are obliged to follow disciplinary guidelines without fail for their own benefit .
  • 1)All students should present 10 minutes before the classes commence.
  • 2)Late comers will be permitted to enter the class only after the hour of the class is over .
  • 3)In any case the students are late due to the reasons beyond their control they are required to offer proper explanation to the administrative authorities of the institution.
  • 4)repetitive incidences of late coming will be viewed seriously and the student will be terminated without prior notice.All students should note that learning is a serious affair and not fun
  • 5)Students should not avail leave without proper reason or on trivial reasons As far as possible,try to avoid taking leave
  • 6) students should inform the leave on the previous day and produce the leave application signed by the parent.
  • 7) If the student is compelled to take leave on exigency ,the parent of the student should inform the matter to the institution over phone and apply for leave the next day itself.
  • 8)Use of mobile phones are strictly prohibited in the precincts of the institution and inside the class rooms .
  • 9Students are expected to adopt gentlemanly dress code acceptable to an educational institution. They are liable to obey the corrective instructions of the institute authorities in case they are found in an undesirable dress code.
  • 10)Free Mmingling of boys and girls is not allowed rin precincts of the institution or in the class rooms .
  • 11)Students are expected to behave towards the fellow students , teachers and administrative staff with courtesy.
  • !2) Any violation of the discipline will be viewed seriously and stern action will be taken against such violation without serving prior notice.
  • 13)Parents are requested to keep in touch with the institution and attend the parents meet and be aware of the progress of their wards. They can discuss their doubts and anxietie s regarding the progress of their children